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Prop 19 and Special Needs Trusts – Why Property Taxes Could Spike for your Spe

December 9, 2020

Presented by Michael Gilfix (Stanford BA ’70, JD, ’73) and Mark Gilfix (Stanford BS '01) of Gilfix & La Poll Associates LLP, LLP.

Webinar is presented by Michael Gilfix (Stanford BA ’70, JD, ’73) and Mark Gilfix (Stanford BS '01) of Gilfix & La Poll Associates, LLP.

Prop 19 is devastating for special needs planning. If you have a child with special needs, a special needs trust is absolutely critical. If you hope to leave your home or other property for the benefit of your special needs child, Prop 19 could destroy this. Property taxes can go up by 200%, even up to 1000%.

In this webinar, we discuss some of the tools and strategies you can use to protect your home in other properties for your loved one with a disability.

We answer:
- How does Proposition 19 work?
- What does Prop 19 do to property taxes?
- How can families protect against the massive property tax increases that Prop 19 will cause?
- How can you preserve your home for your loved one with autism?

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Webinar Originally Given December 9, 2020

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