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Special Needs Trust Creation and Management Guide

For parents and by those who serve as trustees or managers of Special Needs Trusts. Get your copy now!


Palo Alto Trust Administration & Probate Lawyer

Upon death, the assets in your estate must be distributed to the beneficiaries. The form which this distribution takes depends upon the existence or non-existence of a trust.

Since 1983, Gilfix & La Poll has specialized in estate planning services for discerning clients like you. Key among the services we provide in re Trust Administration and Probate, each of which provide a means of distributing your estate to your intended beneficiaries. Each has its own distinct considerations.

Palo Alto Trust Administration Lawyers

Upon your passing, the assets in your estate – without probate - are required to be distributed to your beneficiaries. We heartily encourage our clients to create Living Trusts to hold their assets while alive so that they may be distributed to their beneficiaries in a timely and frictionless manner after they’ve died. In this scenario, a successor trustee distributes your collected assets in accordance to the terms set forth in the trust agreement. These terms are revealed only to the trustee and the beneficiaries so that your privacy is preserved, and discretion is maintained throughout the process. A Living Trust through an alternate trustee can also help manage your affairs during your life times when you don’t wish to or are unable to manage for yourself.

When a trust is properly in place, the Trust Administration will ensure that all outstanding debts are paid by the trustee. Your remaining assets will be dispensed in the manner specified in the Trust. Assets may include stocks and other investments, deeds and real estate as well as personal effects. Moreover, a Trust may specify that certain assets be held for minor children until they are of a predetermined age, thus protecting their interests and providing you additional peace of mind.

Probate Attorneys in Palo Alto

If your estate is of such size that it is exposed to estate tax, steps can be taken even after your passing to redue that exposure. If you die without a Trust to hold your assets, those assets must be distributed to the beneficiaries through a process known as “Probate,” which, in plain terms, is a court process for transferring property from a deceased person to living persons. Typically, probate involves petitioning the court for permission to exercise control over your assets and ultimately distributing those assets to your beneficiaries. This proceeds in a public forum, whether or not you have have created a Will and usually takes longer than a Trust Administration.

As experts and innovators in estate planning, Gilfix & La Poll can conduct your Trust Administration or Probate with alacrity, prudence and absolute respect for your wishes. Throughout our 30 years of experience, we’ve prided ourselves on providing our clients and their families with service deserving of their trust.

Client Testimonials

"When my husband died, I thought everything would be a mess and that I could not possibly manage it. He always took care of the paperwork. My attorney at Gilfix & La Poll Associates LLP explained all the steps that have to be taken, saw to it that all steps were taken, and literally held my hand through the process. I could not be more pleased."
- J.T.

"Thank you for the help in setting up the trust for our family. After my husband's death, I saw how tremendously valuable it was. And the explanations were great - I now understand why the trust will save our family a fortune in tax!"
- M.M.G.

"We greatly appreciated the informative letter you sent about the trust documents that were prepared for us. I continually refer to the information you sent us in writing - every time I have a question, the answer seems to be there. Many thanks again for covering everything so completely."
- L. and F.S.

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