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Special Needs Trust Creation and Management Guide

For parents and by those who serve as trustees or managers of Special Needs Trusts. Get your copy now!


About Gilfix and La Poll

For 30 years, Gilfix and La Poll has innovated creative legal solutions to help you manage and plan the future of your estate for the people most important to you and to us – your family.

Throughout the past three decades, we’ve authored “Form Books” for attorneys, written scores of articles, made countless professional presentations, honed our expertise and innovated the strategies that have defined our industry. We have a keen understanding of both the financial and legal perils your estate faces and how to avoid unnecessary costs and losses. We understand your fears and do our best to eliminate them with careful planning, astute strategy and nuts and bolts know-how. Our role is to convert your very real fears into hope and optimism.

As a family business it naturally follows that we put a premium on serving the needs of your family, applying the full extent of our experience and abilities to your estate planning with tailor-made solutions specific to your needs. At Gilfix & La Poll we don’t know the meaning of “boilerplate.” No two families are alike so the cut-and-paste legal service of lesser firms is not only useless, it can be dangerous. By contrast, Gilfix & La Poll treats every client with the individual esteem and respect they deserve. We take pains to provide the kind of service one would expect from a world class firm, and we consistently deliver on our promises.

Over ten years ago, we created our Peace of Mind (“POM”) Program, a cost-effective approach that lets us maintain close communication with our client comfortably and ensure ongoing quality services. Members enjoy over 20 benefits, including no-cost access to our professional staff with trust and trust-related questions and a free annual meeting with an attorney.

This is how we’ve become an integral and lasting part of our community and of the families of which it is comprised. We are nine attorneys, spanning three generations. As your firm, we have every intent to serve your family for generations. We hope to be your lawyers for life and beyond as we help you plan for tomorrow and so you can live for today.

We believe in multigenerational planning since the decisions you make now affect not only you but those who are dependent upon you, from your parents to your children and grandchildren. Where other firms shy away from our kind of comprehensive service, we see no alternative to doing the job right.

Proper estate planning requires the kind of foresight achieved only through years of experience. Let our innovative historic past help create your family’s secure future.