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San Jose Estate Tax & Gift Tax Planning Lawyer

Our lawyers can help you protect your assets and avoid estate tax.

In 2015, each individual can protect $5.43 million from estate and gift tax. If a death occurs, this amount is shielded from estate tax exposure. Alternatively, this amount can be given away without paying gift tax. The opportunity for protective planning is enormous.

The estate tax rate is 40%. This is a dramatic and punishing tax that can threaten family legacies. At Gilfix and La Poll, we believe in the maxim “hope for the best, and plan for the worst.” This means that you should take advantage of tax and estate planning opportunities if your estate is even approaching the exempted amount. Keep in mind, your estimate for the size of your estate is likely below its actual value.

Our Attorneys are Leaders in Estate and Gift Tax Planning

If you are fortunate enough to build the financial legacy you wish to pass on to your loved ones for their future security, you need to actively engage in estate and gift tax planning. Gilfix and La Poll has over three decades of experience in this complicated and often vexing aspect of tax law.

Through the use of such planning tools as Family Limited Partnerships and irrevocable trusts, Gilfix and La Poll can help you reduce or even eliminate estate tax liability. Revocable trusts can be drafted to provide a considerable level of protection for married couples and both your children and grandchildren. Family Protection or Dynasty trusts are typically utilized to capture estate tax avoidance for future generations.

Michael Gilfix authored Beat Estate Tax Forever: Planning for Future Generations. This intensely practical book identifies no fewer than a dozen planning opportunities or actions you can take to reduce or eliminate estate tax exposure.

Together we can proactively develop a sophisticated yet practical estate and tax plan that offers you and your loved ones the best of all possible outcomes.

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