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Palo Alto Estate Planning Attorney

Though law is infused with many Latin phrases, there is one that continues to elude the vocabularies of most attorneys – carpe diem. Popularly translated as “seize the day,” this particular phrase has relevance to your estate planning in ways you might not have realized. Consider this – there’s no time like the present to secure your family’s future and protect their interests in the event of your incapacitation or death.

Gilfix and La Poll offers an array of services that provide your beneficiaries the means and authorization to make important, binding decisions on your behalf without resorting to an expensive and time-consuming conservatorship.

Palo Alto Estate Planning Lawyers Helping You and Your Family

Since our founding in 1983, the Palo Alto estate planning attorneys at Gilfix and La Poll has devoted their practice to the following areas:

Estate planning involves planning for incapacity as well as for death. At the core of most estate plans is a revocable living trust. Durable Powers of Attorney and Advance Health Care Directives prove invaluable in the event of your incapacity by providing others the authorization and means to make the necessary day-to-day decisions of life without having to resort to a costly and time-consuming conservatorship.

In the event of death, other documents are required to manage and ultimately to distribute the assets in your estate. These documents usually take one of two forms: 1) a revocable living trust or 2) a will. Both documents direct the distribution of your property according to your wishes, but the benefits of each must be considered in light of individual circumstances.

Plan For Your Future With Trusted, Experienced Estate Planning Attorneys

As pioneers in this field, we are constantly improving, which is why we remain the preeminent estate, tax, special needs, and elder law firm in our market. When planning for you and your family’s future, there are bound to be challenging questions. We will help you answer your questions. We create a plan that ensures your loved ones’ welfare for the many tomorrows to come.

Throughout our estate planning process, we endeavor to be as efficient as possible and put a premium on clarity so that you have a thorough understanding of your decisions and the impact they will have on your estate. Moreover, we provide you peace of mind with the knowledge that your family’s future is secure.

Client Testimonial

"I want to express my gratitude for your professionalism and your invaluable assistance during our recent meeting on behalf of my parents. Though their estate is not large, you treated them with the same respect with which, I am sure, you treat all your clients, regardless of their wealth. I am very grateful that you took the care to explain their options to them without making them feel inferior for having amassed a lesser estate. I look forward to my parents' enjoying the peace of mind they will now have knowing their estate has been done by a professional. In a situation that generally makes them anxious, you made us all feel very comfortable discussing their financial future."
- J.J.

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