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Special Needs Trust Creation and Management Guide

For parents and by those who serve as trustees or managers of Special Needs Trusts. Get your copy now!


Palo Alto Revocable Living Trusts & Wills Lawyer

For the past three decades, Gilfix and La Poll has provided its clients with security in the knowledge that, upon their passing, their estates will be managed with sensitivity, precision, and timeliness. We also ensure that the costly and time-consuming probate process is avoided.

Living Trusts Lawyers in Palo Alto, California

At the heart of most successful estate plans is a revocable living trust. Like a traditional will, it describes how your assets are to be distributed upon your passing. For married couples, a revocable trust offers an opportunity to capture important estate tax avoidance.

You will be the trustee of your own trust. This means that you will manage your assets after the creation of the trust just as you did before you had a trust. You will name a "successor trustee," the individual who will manage your trust if you are ever unable to do so. It therefore helps to avoid conservatorship, where a judge appoints an individual to manage your affairs.

A revocable trust is private. It is never made public, even upon your passing. It avoids the court system and results in substantially lower fees than probate.

With Gilfix and La Poll, you can create a personal, comprehensive estate plan that spares your loved ones emotional stress in difficult circumstances.

Successful Wills Require Experienced Attorneys

Regardless of age or financial status, everyone should have a will. Too many people put off drafting a will either because they think a will is unnecessary or because they do not like thinking about end of life considerations. A will provides for the distribution of your assets. In the absence of a will expressing your wishes, the state will determine how your assets are distributed according to a pre-determined formula. This formula may or may not be what is best for your family. While less costly then a trust, it is subject to the expense and delay of probate. It will be up to the court to carry out your wishes as stated in your will.

With Gilfix and La Poll, you can create a personal, comprehensive legal program that spares your loved ones the emotional duress of having to make difficult decisions when you cannot do so yourself. By acknowledging and following your wishes in a Revocable Trust or will, your family can take solace in knowing that the actions they take on your behalf are truly what you “would have wanted.”

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Client Testimonials

"Many thanks to my Gilfix & La Poll Associates LLP attorney who did an excellent job of taking care of the details in the preparation of our living trust. It was a super job well done. Thanks to all of your staff assistants who also helped to put everything together."
- S. and J.A.

"Thank you for your understandable letter and the work done to get my living trust up to date. I am very grateful that this has been concluded so efficiently."
- P.W.

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