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A Free Gilfix Webinar: Post-Election Analysis "Elections Have Consequences"

December 4, 2020

Webinar is presented by Michael Gilfix (Stanford BA ’70, JD, ’73) and Mark Gilfix (Stanford BS '01) of Gilfix & La Poll Associates LLP, LLP.

We cover:

  • The likely future of the 40% “death tax” and what you can do to avoid it
  • Potential changes to capital gains and other federal taxes
  • What property owners need to know about the outcome of Propositions 15 and 19
  • The planning steps you must take now to prepare for our new political reality
  • Trust planning to protect kids and future generations from divorce, lawsuits, and estate taxes
  • Trust planning to save the family home and avoid estate tax

This webinar will enable you to save your family home and hard-earned assets.