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I have worked hard to build my estate. What can I do to preserve my assets for my children and avoid estate or death tax?

An individual can pass up to $5.43 million to heirs, tax free. A couple can pass up to $10.86 million in 2015 with no estate tax exposure. Even if you are not exposed to estate tax, you must consider other issues. You want to be sure that assets do not go to your child before she is ready to manage them. You want to protect what you leave your child from divorce and litigation. This can be done, utilizing Family Protection Trusts, also known as “Dynasty Trusts”.

If your estate exceeds these levels, many strategies are available to reduce or eliminate this 40% estate tax. See Beat Estate Tax Forever (2013), authored by Michael Gilfix.

We have over 30 years of successful experience developing and implementing tax strategies to reduce or eliminate this tax, saving hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in estate tax liability. See our tax planning section.

The use of a Living Trust is critical – you can direct your assets to whom you want, in the manger that you want. For estate tax, divorce, and litigation protection, Family Protection or Dynasty Trusts represent the appropriate, powerful approach.

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