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Ode to My O.R. Team

ODE TO MY O.R. TEAM [and my defunct hip]

Hello! My name is Myra.
You’ll be helping me today.
I’m new to having surgery,
And I’d just like to say…
As you likely know I’m pretty scared
So I truly appreciate that you’re so well prepared.

I’ve lived quite well for all these years
Despite my hip’s deformity
(Or perhaps more correct politically,
Its congenital abnormity).

Now I find myself in this predicament:
No longer can I hike and dance
With ease; without a moan.
Time wears on and so do ligament[s],
And cartilage and bone.

So now it’s time to face
That I need you to replace
The worn out hip that tried to serve me
But kind of, sort of did desert me.

When you clear out all that joint debris
I hope the pain is history.
If you amplify my range of motion,
To you I’ll owe my great devotion.

So goodbye sweet acetabulum,
Femur, ossified tissue, and labrum
Hello new prostheses.
I know you’ll fit in well.
Welcome to my body
Where thriving you will dwell.
Help me back to hikes and bikes,
To dances and romances.
Bring me to a renewed life
Full of second chances.

I put my trust in all of you
To keep me safe and sound.
I know that life is ephemeral
But I’m counting on you
to protect my femoral
Nerve and its surround.

Thank you for those years of study,
Sweat and tears and getting bloody.
Of your awesome skill I am aware,
So I thank you for your loving care.

With gratitude,
Myra Gerson Gilfix

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