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A Warning About Ads to “Fix” Your Trust

Dear Friends,

You may have seen ads running in the Mercury News and perhaps other media outlets for Trust Seminars presented by a San Diego-based law firm. These specific ads attempt to entice you by promising a “free kindle” and a “free dinner” for those who attend the seminars they are giving while they visit the Bay Area.

They claim to “fix” trusts. Their ads suggest that any trust done by anyone other than them is flawed. No surprise: They conclude that only they can fix it. We have seen marketing like this many times over the years.

We have been national and community leaders in this field for over 30 years. We know and are familiar with the real-world issues that trusts must address. We author articles and legal form books that attorneys across the nation rely upon. We have successfully represented thousands of individuals in the Bay Area, including many business and community leaders.

We want to assure you, as a client of Gilfix & La Poll or individual who has a relationship with our office, that we give you the best and most comprehensive representation in the field. Our revocable trusts do not have the problems these marketers identify. Gilfix & La Poll addresses more issues, more comprehensively, than virtually any other firm in the nation.

We have seen this firm’s list of trust document “flaws” that they identify. These lists can be misleading and it is important for you to know that planning must go beyond overly simplistic checklists.

  • Our trusts and related planning documents cover every base and offer all the legal tools and protections needed to ensure that you have the power to keep your estate safe.
  • Our Family Protection Trusts offer the powerful protections for your children — protection against divorce, against litigation and against future estate tax — that their checklist correctly identifies as important.
  • We deal with and understand additional issues they and so many others do not address, including issues related to long-term care planning and special needs.

This type of marketing conjures many confusing “straw man” arguments, where a false problem is presented and then “solved.” Do not be misled by catchy marketing and offers of free meals or gadgets. If you have a trust with another firm, we are happy to take a look and to identify real issues, and we won’t use a superficial approach to do it.

If you have any questions about this, or any other issue related to your planning, give us a call.  We might not give you a free kindle, but we will take good care of you and your family.

The Gilfix & La Poll Team

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