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Steps You Can Take to Protect Your Family

We are all worried about protecting our kids and grandkids. Here are three steps you can take to
achieve this goal:

1. Set up a Family Protection Trust™ for your kids and grandkids. Protect inherited assets from divorce, litigation, and estate tax.

We have prepared hundreds of Family Protection Trusts™, which are more generically known as “Dynasty Trusts.” They are popular – and probably appropriate for your family – for three very powerful reasons:

a. In the event of divorce, inherited assets remain segregated and safe. None go to that rotten ex-son-in-law!

b. If your child is sued, these assets enjoy tremendous protection.

c. Upon your child’s death, assets in this trust (perhaps millions of dollars) are typically excluded from your child’s taxable estate. This can save a small fortune for your grandchildren.

2. Eliminate or reduce estate taxes with a GRIT, FLP, or a GRAT if you have an estate in excess of
$1 million.

3. If you have a disabled child or grandchild, set up a Special Needs Trust.

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