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Michael and Mark Gilfix Appear on NBC Bay Area and KTVU Fox Television Programs

Michael Gilfix and Mark Gilfix recently appeared together on NBC Bay Area's “Asian Pacific America with Robert Handa.” The episode focused on families in Asian communities with special needs, particularly those with autistic children.

They discussed the importance of Special Needs Trusts and their critical role in structuring an effective estate plan. Mark acknowledged the reluctance some Asian families feel toward seeking outside help, and said these trusts represent a “one-time, lifelong insurance policy” to protect their children's livelihood.

Michael also talked about his book, “Special Needs Trust Creation and Management Guide,” which answers many of the most common questions parents have about Special Needs Trusts. For more information about this book, click here. (Link to

Mark Gilfix also recently appeared on KTVU's “Bay Area People.”

Mark said that because caring for autistic children is so time-consuming and expensive, parents do not understand how to provide for their children after they are gone. He pointed out that directly inheriting a parent's assets can disqualify an autistic person from crucial needs-based programs such as Medi-Cal and Supplemental Security Income, a problem solved by Special Needs Trusts.

Mark also had the opportunity to talk about Michael's Special Needs Trust guide. Viewers of both programs are invited to request a copy of the book here.

The segment can be seen here:

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