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Preventing Elder Financial Abuse

Michael Gilfix speaks at this year's Wealth Counsel conference.

On July 16, 2015, Michael Gilfix presented a session/program on this topic at the annual conference of Wealth Counsel, a nationally known and leading estate planning organization. 
What distinguishes this talk is its emphasis on avoiding financial abuse.  Virtually every other article published by attorneys about financial elder abuse focus on litigation, court involvement, and other reactions to abuse after it has taken place. 
Financial abuse can afflict anyone at any time.  50% of financial abusers are family members. 
We at Gilfix & La Poll have extraordinary experience in addressing this issue in a positive, preventive way.  When it takes place, we have been remarkably and consistently successful in recovering assets for victims of financial abuse.
If you or any of your family members or friends have experienced these problems – or if you are worried about them – call us for a consultation. 
Do not let elder financial abuse happen. 

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