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Myra’s Healthcare Huddle

I decided to call this column “Myra’s Health Care Huddle” for a couple of reasons. One is that I like alliteration. The other has to do with the fact that hospitals and other clinical organizations are using what they themselves call “huddles” (e.g., Daily Safety Huddle or Patient Safety Huddle) to improve patient care. A “huddle” in this context is typically a brief meeting that includes and gives voice to all the members of the health care team in a particular service or unit. It gives teams an effective forum to actively manage safety, anticipate needs, keep quality improvement tools (such as checklists) effective, and keeps everyone focused on what’s important for patient safety and care. It enables staff to collaborate and communicate effectively and efficiently. And teamwork itself is critical to patient safety. When all members of the healthcare team are able to share their expertise freely, everyone, especially the patient, benefits.
Patients are perhaps the most important member of the healthcare team. What we as patients and loved ones contribute to care and/or prevention of problems is invaluable. So here is our own “huddle.” Please feel free to send me your experiences, insights, and knowledge.
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    “Ready Bag” for Hospital – And Other Necessities

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    Advising Clients About Hospitalization And Operations

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