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Beat Estate Tax Forever

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Beat Estate Tax Forever: Planning for Future Generations


2nd Edition now available!

IF YOUR ESTATE IS WORTH MORE THAN $3 MILLION TODAY, you must plan to avoid the estate tax. In and after 2013, everything in your estate beyond $5.35 million will be taxed at 40% upon your passing. As your estate grows, you must be aware of this. The future is unclear, and this number could be lowered significantly in the future.

This timely, readable book explains how you can plan to avoid this outcome. It gives an overview of the estate planning process, and the steps you need to take to protect your family. It explains that we have remarkable opportunities to plan ahead, and shows you how to take these steps. You can plan to protect everything if your estate is under $5 million, or under $10 million if you are a couple, from this controversial tax. If your estate is even larger, this book explains how you can protect even more. These opportunities might not last.

In this book, nationally renowned expert, author, lecturer, and estate planning practitioner Michael Gilfix gives you guidance and action steps so you can avoid the estate tax rather than fall victim to it.


Special Needs Trust Creation and Management Guide


This guide is designed for parents of disabled individuals and others who create Special Needs Trusts. It is also designed for use by those who serve as trustees or managers of Special Needs Trusts.

Our goal is to identify the most important issues that arise and to suggest how they might be addressed. Above all, this guide is designed to be practical. It is not exhaustive and it is no substitute for obtaining appropriate legal and other advice on a regular basis and when challenging issues arise. Our focus is on the operation of Special Needs Trust in California, though it is generally reliable for guidance for the operation of Special Needs Trusts in any state. Special Needs Trusts are the creature of and authorized by federal law. In some ways, state law can affect their operation.



Facing the Reality of Long Term Care

You are reading this book because you are concerned, perhaps worried to your wits' end, about getting and paying for quality long-term care for yourself or a loved one. You are looking for reliable, understandable information about options, different levels of care, and how the potentially devastating cost can be paid.

This book will deliver. Based on over 40 years’ experience, the authors answer your questions and give you the information you need to develop a plan that works for you. It is "agnostic," in that it does not presume a solution for any given situation. It identifies the three ways the cost can be covered – paying out of your own pocket or "self-insuring," purchasing long-term care insurance, or looking to Medi-Cal and other government programs that can pay all or part of the cost of long-term care. Often, it is a combination of two or all three of these approaches.

The authors appreciate that these challenges are difficult and emotional. Their goal is to make this complicated world of long-term care – and long-term care financing – manageable for you and your family.


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"Michael Gilfix is a lawyer's lawyer. He has authored countless articles in legal and tax planning journals. He speaks on these and related topics across the nation to professional audiences. Fortunately, he also writes books like Beat Estate Tax Forever to make complicated topics, like tax planning, understandable to everyone. This book is a real public service. We all need to know how to avoid estate tax, and this book gives us a fighting chance."
- Len Tillem, Lawyer and Bay Area “Law Talk” Radio show host.