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Gilfix & La Poll attorneys speak at NAELA Summit

Attorneys Michael Gilfix and Mark R. Gilfix of Gilfix & La Poll Associates appeared as featured speakers at two sessions during the 2016 National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys Summit in Newport Beach, California, on January 28 and 29. Michael Gilfix is one of NAELA’s original founding members.

They addressed audiences of more than 100 elder law attorneys from around the country. Each three-hour Immersion Session demonstrated their leadership in the field of elder law. The subject of their presentations was “Advanced Elder Law, Tax and Estate Planning from Start to Finish.”

The session was designed to train and educate participants to more effectively advise their client communities. It taught them to develop sophisticated estate plans to coordinate tax and long-term care objectives along with retirement and financial planning. In addition, building on the Gilfix attorneys’ skills in identifying personality types, attendees learned how to utilize a variety of tools such as spreadsheets, flowcharts, software and written proposals to effectively communicate the plan to the client.

Michael Gilfix and Mark Gilfix engaged summit participants through the use of peer instruction in their sessions. In contrast to traditional lectures, peer instruction is an interactive, student-centric approach to teaching that focuses on the application of learning.

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new Brokerage account


Hello.  I'm about to open a new brokerage account. I'm assuming I should open this as a JTWROS account and then move this into our estate plan.  Can you please confirm?


You can likely open it in the name of your trust. Title it the same as your home and other trust accounts are titled. If you do open it as joint tenants, you can of course later retitle it in the trust. We suggest titling it in the trust from the outset.