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Special Needs Trust Creation and Management Guide

For parents and by those who serve as trustees or managers of Special Needs Trusts. Get your copy now!


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Gilfix and La Poll is the preeminent estate planning law firm in the Silicon Valley and greater San Francisco Bay Area. Since our inception in 1983, we’ve practiced estate and tax law and pioneered what has come to be known as elder law. Likewise, we created the first estate programs for families with special needs and consequently we are the nationally-recognized leader in our speciality.

What Our Clients Say

"When my husband died, I thought everything would be a mess and that I could not possibly manage it. He always took care of the paperwork. My attorney at Gilfix & La Poll Associates LLP explained all the steps that have to be taken, saw to it that all steps were taken, and literally held my hand through the process. I could not be more pleased."
- JT

For over 30 years, we have innovated creative legal solutions to help you manage and plan the future of your estate. Together, we will decide which strategy will best serve your individual needs and those of your beneficiaries. Their future is in your hands and it’s a privilege for us to serve you in this regard.

Our Advantage

The Gilfix Commitment: We are devoted to the preservation of family assets and to the dignity and well-being of our clients and community. We promise to be your family lawyer and address all of your legal planning needs.

At Gilfix & La Poll Associates LLP, we promise to be your “Lawyer for Life.”

We believe in multigenerational planning since the decisions you make now affect not only you but those that are dependent upon you, from your parents to your children. Where other firms shy away from our kind of comprehensive service, we see no alternative to doing the job right.

We reward the trust of our clients with the exemplary service that has made us nationally recognized leaders in Estate Planning services. We are devoted to the preservation of family assets and to the dignity and well-being of our clients and community. We hope to be your family lawyer for life and beyond by helping you plan for the future so you can live for today.